Health Benefits of Consuming Foods with Curry

This post aims to educate people about different types of spices found in a typical curry in a curry house on Brick Lane, and show health benefits.

The majority of ingredients used in curries are extremely good for you and can provide excellent health benefits.  The most common spices included in curries are turmeric, cumin, allspice, cardamon, ginger, garlic and capsicum.  All of these have very strong properties that fight bacteria, improve digestion and provide a slew of antioxidants that boost your immune system.  This is ultimately why spices like these are often traditionally used in hot countries, to help preserve the food.

Cinnamon, garlic and cumin have been proven to remove up to 80% of bacteria, and ginger can reduce that rate at which bacteria grows by up to 25%. So if you are not currently cooking with these ingredients at home, maybe it is time to start!

It is true that not all curries are considered very healthy, this is especially true of the cream based curries, however, the health benefits of the other ingredients and spices are extraordinary and definitely worth taking into account. Here are some of the more common curry spices, found at some of the best restaurants on Brick Lane in London.

Here Are Some of The Spices Found in Curries


This is one of the main components of red peppers.  It functions as a very effective anti inflammatory and can be great for reducing cholesterol. Surprisingly, it can also be applied topically to treat arthritis.

Mango Chutney

Rich in vitamins, mangos are able to fight high levels of acidity in the stomach and clean the blood effectively. Some restaurants on Brick Lane will use processed mangos, these have had most of their health benefits removed and a very high sugar content.  A curry is only as good as the ingredients that it is made from.  Stick to Jasmine on Brick Lane, one of the very best curry houses in London.


Rice does lose a lot of its health benefits when it is processed.  However it does retain a high level of phytic acid, this aids the digestive system when it absorbs iron. It is also low in fat and very good for building muscle.


Onions are great for your health, among other health benefits, it has recently been discovered that onions contain diallyl sulfide, which can help the body  detoxify stomach acid and even fight cancer.


This spice helps aid digestion and can reduce the risk of heart attacks and colon cancer. Combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of this spice it is a very healthy addition to any curry dish.


This is frequently used as in raita and the preparation of curries as a whole. Yoghurts can be a really good source of vitamin D and calcium.  Also, the intestinal tract will benefit from yoghurt, as well as for fighting bacteria in the stomach.


Cumin is full of phytochemicals.  These are able to block certain metabolic pathways that can lead to adverse health conditions. Additionally, cumin contains anti-cancer agents  such as limonene and carveol.


This berry-based spice can be found in a lot of the best curry dishes in London, it has antioxidants that help digestion and can be hugely beneficial to a person’s overall health.

Now that you know how healthy a curry can be, you have no excuse.  Pop down to Brick Lane and visit one of the best curry houses in London.