What To See And Do In Brick Lane

Shoreditch is a city associated with a mesmerizing number of coffee shops, nightclubs, markets and is also home to the popular cultural center of East London, Brick Lane. This lane has got to offer a wide array of vintage cuisines and commercial shops that have been in existence since the 20th century. Unlike many areas of London, you will discover a totally different experience and ambiance when meandering your way through this vivacious lane. Speaking of which, enlisted below are few things you can try out when on a visit to the Brick Lane!

Taste the Best Indian Curry in London

They say if you ever go to the Brick Lane in London and come back without tasting Indian curry, you would have wasted both time and money. Such is the reputation of this Indian cuisine that found its roots in the Brick Lane way back in the 70s and has ever since become a popular restaurant menu. Brick lane houses London’s top curry restaurants providing a wide selection of curries that include the likes of Muhib, Cinnamon and Sheba. Add to that, a wide array of starters to get your taste buds craving for more.

Sip a Cup of Coffee at Nude Espresso

Nude Espresso

As the name suggests, Nude Expresso offers the bare experience of having a cup of coffee while strolling your way through the popular Brick Lane. Sitting pretty on the Hanbury Street, the café has got to offer delectable brownies, cookies and muffins that add an extra punch when taken with the brewed coffee. Apart from that, if you are curious enough to know the recipe behind the scrumptious taste, you can walk up to the team and they will guide you through the entire process without charging a penny. They simply enjoy what they do!

Visit the Old Truman Brewery

The Old Truman was once home to London’s largest brewery and is presently East London’s media and arts center, which houses a number of innovative businesses as well as niche-specific markets, galleries, bars and restaurants. It creates a unique environment with a number of events lined up throughout the week and you get to witness the best of artists, fashion designers and DJs in action. The shows are organized with an objective to demonstrate the work of creative artists who push themselves beyond the traditional boundaries in order to come up with something new and interactive.

Explore the Vinyl Section at the Rough Trade East

Located in the former Stella Artois brewery, the Rough Trade East houses a huge collection of recordings, vinyl, CDs and books. Each of the items has a labeled description for the ease of browsing through and sorting out the one to take home. It includes everything from the past to the present with exhilarating chart titles and hot releases. It offers free music shows to a batch of 200 audiences at a time, centered on the high-spec stage where numerous popular artists have performed over the years. What’s more? You can hit the photo booth to get a memento for yourself!

Hit the Surrounding Markets

Brick lane is not all about food and coffee; you can get almost anything and everything in the Brick Lane Markets if you walk around for an hour or so. From beautifully crafted items to tarnished gears, from antiques to a variety of fruits and vegetables, you can get hands on most of the useful items at a reasonable price. Housed inside the Old Truman Brewery, the Truman Markets host weekly markets including the Vintage Market, Backyard Markets, Tea Rooms and Boiler House that exhibit and sell innovative items every Sunday.